UX & UI Design

Hi, welcome to the online home of James Stark. I’m a user experience and visual designer creating compelling cross-platform digital experiences. I’ve built my career across many disciplines, including animation, engineering, and user experience design.


As the Director of UX/UI for Charter Communications, I find myself uniquely positioned at the nexus of design, engineering, and product, allowing me to champion cross-platform video experiences from inception through development. In this role I’ve built and directed many new teams with the goal of pioneering user-centered design thinking within the product organization specifically, and the enterprise as a whole.  As part of Charters video strategy I’ve also had the opportunity to design and deploy video applications not only on our leased platforms and online, but across most every major platform in the marketplace today.


User Experience

As Director of User Experience and Interface Design, I’ve created, developed, and deployed many digital experiences ranging from scientifically accurate interactive simulations, to cross-platform video discovery and consumption experiences.  I’ve worked externally with cutting edge new media agencies and built internal user experience teams.


Visual Design

A background in animation and graphic design allows me to blend the user experience and user interface disciplines and shepherd concepts from inception to deployment, ensuring that a beautiful user interface compliments a great user experience, and vice versa.

Customer Research

If you want to speak to your customers you have to reach out and engage with them.  As inaugural member of the Branded Customer Experience and Director of User Experience,  I’ve installed and executed an ongoing agenda of customer outreach including ethnographic, usability, and accessibility research.

Product Strategy

After building and directing UI, UX, Research, and Curation teams embedded within the engineering organization, I now operate within the video product organization with the express goal of elevating and evangelizing customer-back user experience design within the video product specifically, and the enterprise as a whole.


Android Mobile


An Android Gingerbread specific implementation of TWCs mobile application.  This experience elevated features and concepts that proved to be crucial to customers like binge watching a favorite series, sports content, and a more engaging presentation.