Wyeth Pharmaceuticals


Wyeth Pharmaceuticals had a patented process for creating a particular compound that was central to a line of drugs they owned.  When forced to defend their process in court, they enlisted the help of Z-Axis Corporation.  In this case the strategy involved a rather literal depiction of the processes involved.  After understanding the intricacies of each stage, we created an interactive presentation that allowed keys witnesses to describe the overall process in a simple step by step fashion.

We created a not-to-scale model of the plant to serve as the background for the presentation and allow the viewers to orient themselves to the particular stages.  Each individual stage was called out on a key in the lower left of the screen.  In this fashion the user could present the process serially, but also return to any one stage to further explain or answer any questions.  When the user selected any stage, the background would pan to a specific location on the image, helping the viewers to understand it’s position in the process.

At each individual stage, supporting evidence was available in the form of illustrated Flash animations that could be launched using buttons fixed in the background.  These animations would describe the specific treatment of the compound as it progressed through the plant.