Home Media Center

Time Warner Cable wanted to introduce a new hardware product as part of their data package.  Part cable modem, part router, and part home media streamer.  This new all-in-one device needed both an application to upload and manage a users content, but a 10 ft application that would reside on the cable box, and allow the user to consume their media.  This was the Home Media Center application.

Under the direction of Time Warner Cable’s VP of ITV Product Management, Patrick Donoghue, and partnering with a wonderful agency Schematic, now part of Possible Worldwide, we developed the Home Media Center application for Time Warner Cable’s video subscription.

The application allowed the user to browse any content available from DNLA enabled cable router.  Content included photos, videos, music, and a basic folder structure.  The user could navigate any of these content areas, or they could search for content by title.  The Home Media Center would playback a number of video formats, photo slide shows, as well as music albums or playlists.